Ground Care

Boomer 25 Compact

When it’s slippery and wet there is no need to fret. The Boomer 25 Compact’s standard, mechanically engaged 4WD will power you through the tough spots. With standard power steering and its 4WD axle’s tight turning design, manoeuvring the Boomer 25 Compact in tight spaces, even with a full bucket, is easy.

New Boomer 25 – 55

The new Boomer 25 C tractor is the best choice for small holders, groundcare professionals and municipalities who need a hardworking, versatile small tractor to handle the work a garden tractor just can’t. It’s ready to take on your yard, landscape, gardening and property maintenance jobs. Its compact size makes it easy to operate and maneuver around obstacles and in confined spaces. Known for delivering outstanding value, these reliable, powerful and easy-to-operate compacts will help you completes tasks efficiently while being easy on your wallet.