Hay & Forage

Disccutter™ F and Duradisc™ F Front Mounted Disc Mowers

The New Holland range of front mounted disc mowers are available in two distinct variants. The DiscCutter™ F is a high performance mower conditioner, available in 3.11 and 3.52 metre options, and features advanced contour flotation technology, enabling it to follow the ground accurately for even mowing performance. The DuraDisc™ F mower is available in a 2.96 metre model and benefits from a pendulum floatation system, designed to always follow ground contours.

Rear Mounted Mowers

The DuraDisc™ non-conditioning range of rear mounted mowers is available in 2.37 to 2.77 metre cutting widths and benefits from a mechanical flotation system, designed to always follow ground contours. The five-model rear mounted pendulum suspended DiscCutter™ mower range is available in 2.77 to 3.86 metre cutting widths, meaning operators can choose the perfect mower, whether working in narrow, irregular shaped fields, or large open spaces. The 2.77 and 3.11 metre DiscCutter™ models can be fitted with the optional PE-finger conditioner for improved wilting performance.

Centre Trailed Mowers

The centre trailed mower range offers the ultimate in side-to-side flexibility and operational efficiency. The centre pull DiscCutter™ C models are available in 3.11 and 3.52 metre options. All models can be specified with two different types of conditioner, choose between steel flail and rubber chevron rollers to suit your operation. In order to protect the mower, the TopSafe™ technology is engaged when the mower encounters obstacles, such as rocks.

Megacutter Mowers

New Holland’s range of MegaCutter™ mowers have been designed with maximum throughput in mind. With this triple mower, you can achieve very high hourly work rates thanks to an 8.60 metre cutting width. The range, which consists of two pendulum suspended cutting units with eight discs each, has an exceptionally low power requirement, and is compatible with tractors of a mere 140hp.


The ProTed™ range of tedders is available in both mounted and trailed specifications. The six mounted models feature working widths of 4.5 to 8.8 metres, and for those looking to optimise the horsepower/width ratio, the trailed tedder is also available in the largest 8.8 metre width. The 6.6 to 7.6 metre variants are equipped with six rotors, and the 8.8 metre models are fitted with eight rotors.

Pro Rotor Rakes

ProRotor™ single rotor rakes enable side delivery of the crop and feature a swath curtain, which can be adjusted to match the width of the swath being worked.

The range also enables different wheel options:

  • Four wheel bogie axle delivers smooth operation in undulating terrain.
  • Three D bogie axle enables the front wheel to follow the rake whilst turning to better follow the arc of the turn.

Pro Rotor C Rakes

ProRotor™ C double rotor rakes ensure central crop delivery. Attached to the linkage arms, it can be hydraulically folded for transport, and when in transport configuration, it is less than four metres in height, ideal when transporting in areas with overhanging foliage. Benefitting from high ground clearance, this range is ideal when working with large swaths of dense crop. Available on the 760 and 820 the Cardanic rotor suspension technology means that the rotors can move both laterally and fore-aft freely for efficient operation.

Pro Rotor L Rakes

ProRotor™ L range features two side mounted rakes which can deliver the crop to the left hand side on 640T models. The multi-link frame enables a variable working width that can be adjusted from the cab. Choose between single swath, two individual swaths or the turn swath options. The 640T with Auto-Steer feature automatically regulates the distance between the two rotors which improved manoeuvrability and always maintains the rotor overlap to avoid missing any value crop.

Big Baler High Density

New Holland has been putting the ‘big’ into big square baling for over three decades. Since its first big balers rolled off the production line in 1987, some 30,000 examples have been put to work in the world’s fields. Today, all BigBalers are produced in Zedelgem, Belgium, New Holland’s Centre of Harvesting Excellence, where they are designed, manufactured, tested and shipped the world over.

Big Baler Plus

The latest BigBaler Plus range introduces another baling first: Loop Master™ knotting technology. The second knot is now a loop style knot, producing:

  • 37% stronger knot with a 26% improvement in tensile strength for reduced breakage
  • Loop Master™ combines the key benefits of double and single knotting technology
  • Eliminates the twine offcuts, which are currently left in the field, or can even find their way into fodder
  • Over six kilometres or 46kg of twine are saved in a 10,000 bale season

Ultimate baling performance is guaranteed in all crops and all farms.

Roll Belt

New Holland has led the Roll-Belt baler segment for over 25 years, and has introduced a string of pioneering firsts that have revolutionised the way variable chamber balers operate today. The latest generation is set to redefine round baling with advanced Roll-Belt technology that can improve capacity by up to 20% and density by up to 5%. What’s more, operators can select between a 150cm or 180cm maximum bale size to suit their individual needs. The Roll-Belt baler will also captivate the eye with its distinctive sweeping lines, which add a touch of class to every baling operation.

Pro Belt

The all-new New Holland, Pro-Belt™ premium round baler range delivers the performance and reliability that professionals and contractors can rely on. From the heaviest wet silage crops to bulky straw windrows, the Pro-Belt 165 and 190 deliver solid and square shouldered round bales with impressive capacity from either the renowned SuperFeed™ or new 25 knife CropCutter™ large diameter rotor feeding systems.

Roll Baller

The new fixed chamber Roll Baler 125 and Roll Baler 125 Combi models offer livestock farm and contract operators the best choice in fixed chamber baling. Rugged build and overall simplicity are matched to excellent performance in the most demanding of conditions. The new Roll Baler 125 models have significant developments to enhance performance and ease of operation and represent a significant advance. Easily distinguished by new styling, the Roll Baler 125 and Roll Baler 125 Combi will be the first choice for those looking at a baler suited to working heavy crops in demanding conditions.

Roll Bar 125

The new Roll-Bar™ 125 fixed chamber baler produces a bale of 1.25m diameter and is built on the strong heritage and DNA of the best selling BR6000 range. The proven characteristics of simple reliable drive-lines, easy maintenance and high crop flexibility have been improved and enhanced to meet the needs of today’s farming operations. Whatever you have to bale, the New Holland Roll-Bar™ 125 baler can be specified to suit your requirements.


Producing consistent firm bales is a major benefit of the new BC5000 balers. The long bale chamber, allowing for a long plunger stroke, combined with the high plunger speed, ensures a 1st class quality bale formation. Adjustable top and bottom bale chamber rails and adjustable bale case doors allow for a perfect setting of the required density.


Ideally suited for small farming operations, the Hayliner 265 has a 1,8m Super Sweep™ pick-up allowing swift travel along small lanes, smooth passing through narrow gates and compact storage in confined spaces. The wider 2m Super Sweep™ pick-up on the Hayliner 275 and the extra feeder rotor provide the high capacity and daily output required on larger farms and contracting operations.