Fully-Mounted Variable Width Reversible Plough

New Holland’s fully mounted ploughs feature a standard automatic adjustment system, aligning the plough as the front furrow is adjusted. This system uses parallelogram geometry – which adjusts the plough once the basic setup has occurred. Once a plough is correctly adjusted, optimal results will be achieved.

Fully Mounted Reversible Plough

New Holland has developed a range of ploughs to ensure that you can choose the right one for your operation. In order to enhance flexibility, New Holland uses a modular system which means modules are bolted and not welded to the frame.

Semi-Mounted Variable Width Reversible

All New Holland ploughs are fitted with robust and durable headstocks which have been perfectly matched to their usage profile. New Holland also offers two different kinds of stone release system, hydraulic or shear bolt, so you can make the most practical choice relative to your fields characteristics to ensure the soil keeps turning over.

Semi Mounted Reversible

New Holland has developed a range of plough bodies to ensure you can select not only the right plough for the application, but one that works with your soil and topographical conditions. Together with a choice of different points you can exactly define the effectiveness of the soil engaging parts, short points for rocky or stony ground, or more streamlined flush points for particularly sticky soil types.

Seedbed Cultivators

The mounted SBL V range of seedbed cultivators feature the classic Vibro S tine configuration, making it perfect for use in all types of soil. The share point is placed straight under the fixation point to maintain exact and uniform working depth. When the tine is bent backwards, the share point is only lifted a few millimetres. The SBL V range is available with either Vibro S or SQ tines.

Mounted Or Trailed, The Choice Is Yours

New Holland offers a range of mounted or trailed stubble cultivators so that operators can select the implement which suits their individual requirements. Both platforms, however share some common advantages which include a robust, heavy duty construction that’s designed to cope with uneven fields and rough surfaces. Blockage free operation is facilitated thanks to substantial frame clearance and tine spacing.

Interrow Cultivation

The New Holland range of SRC Interrow Cultivators helps control weeds while reducing herbicide usage; making your operation more environmental and economically sustainable. The 14 model range comprises of both 3 and 5 tine variants, perfect for beet, maize or sunflower crops, with adjustable row spacing from 4 to 18 rows and adjustment of between 45 and 75cm to suit different crops, allowing you to cultivate the maximum space possible, at high operating speeds. All models are hydraulically folding as standard. Row widths of 45-50cm can be cultivated with 3 tine machines, and 5 tine machines deliver between 60-75cm cultivation rows.

Sustainable Inter-Row Cultivation (SRC) And Weed Control

New Holland SRC and SRC SmartSteer™ inter-row cultivators cultivate between the rows of a growing crop. This can control weed growth and reduce herbicide usage to cut overall growing costs and make your operation more environmentally sustainable. SRC inter-row cultivators are available in 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 and 18 rows. SRC SmartSteer™ camera guided models are offered in 8, 12, 16 and 18 rows. All variants feature 3 or 5 tines and are purpose developed for operation in crops to include beet, maize and sunflowers. 3 tine models are working rows of 40-50cm, and 5 tine units are for wider 60-75cm rows. All models hydraulically fold to a transport width that does not exceed 3m.

SDM Medium-Duty Disc Cultivators

With models from 3.0m to up to 7.0m working width, New Holland SDM medium-duty compact disc cultivators are available to suit farms large and small. The mounted SDM 300 R can be operated behind a tractor of just 100hp, with its simple design and ease of set up delivering easily accessible performance economically. The widest model, the trailed SDM 700 T, is suitable to use behind tractors of between 240hp and 320hp. With low draft relative to its working width, thanks to the shallow concave disc design, wide 250mm disc spacing for good crop residues clearance and low lateral soil throw even at operating speeds of up to 15kph, all models deliver high work rates matched to reduced fuel use.

SUM Cultivator

New Holland SUM and SUH linkage-mounted subsoilers are offered in working widths of 2.50m, 3.00m and 4.00m, with a duty strength to match all soil types. Suitable for tractors of 110hp to 350hp, smaller enterprises through to large farms and contract operations have affordable access to New Holland advanced soil management. Both medium and heavy duty SUM and SUH models are offered with a choice of mechanical or auto-reset hydraulic leg protection.

SH Front Hopper

SH hoppers with stepless mechanical drive can be connected to a Konnect 1000 monitor. Fitted with nine buttons, the monitor can be used to control tramline valves, show the area covered and display the hopper fill level.